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I've always had a love for animals. As a child, I played with & trained families dogs.  I have been reading about dogs since I was a child.  As I got older,  I started to show my dogs in the AKC sports. I've was invited to the National Obedience trial in Orlando, Florida, but unfortunately, I could not go.  I volunteer my time as a 4H leader in Will County for the 4H Tailwaggers ( this is a dog program for Kids 8-18 years old) One of my goals is to keep dogs out of shelters and in their forever homes. I work with different rescues, and in my free time, I work with and train these dogs. It's good to educate myself, as things constantly change continuously. Training is more than just teaching the dogs, It also teaches the owners how to work with their dogs and learn to understand them. Teaching a dog is one of the most rewarding things an owner can do. As I repeatedly say in class, training is not just sitting, staying, or down. There are many different behaviors we teach here at All About The K-9.  My staff and I look forward to working with you and your dog at All About The K-9 .

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I have always had a passion for a variety of animals and their behavior since I was a young girl. I graduated from Illinois State University in 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science with additional independent studies in zoology, animal behavior and animal reproduction . Throughout college and high school, I worked at many farms and vet clinics. After college graduation, I worked at Brookfield zoo as a zookeeper for many different animals for a few years. Then, I entered back into the veterinary field and started working as a vet tech. After I got my first German shepherd, Stormie, I really fell in love with dog training. I had prior experience training different animals when I worked at the zoo too. I then found All About the K9 and was able to peruse my passion here. In my free time, I love to train and go on adventures with my dogs  Stormie ( German shepherd), Rylie( shitzu mix) and my family dog Luna (Lab). I also love to spend time with my husband and go riding with my horse Breeze.  I also have 2 cats Cali and Maizie.  With my education and experience, I hope to help other people have a well mannered dog and help people with dogs that have behavioral issues.

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